Martina Hudaly

Martina Hudaly

Vice President (Senior)

Martina Hudaly is the Senior Vice President of SULTC and a committee member since 2014.

Martina began playing tennis at the age of 3 and reached an Australian national ranking high of approx. 45. During her tennis career, Martina grew up playing many competitions such as, Australian money tournaments, nationals, school competitions (Tildesley Shield, all school championships for Meriden school) and junior/senior international tournaments (ITF’s).

During university, Martina studied a Bachelor of Arts (Computer Science and Digital Cultures) and was a member of the Elite Athlete program. Through studying, Martina was able to discover a passion for Technology and post-graduation became a Technology graduate at Qantas. Martina now works as a UX/UI Designer at Macquarie Group, and has also returned to USYD to study a Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts.

Martina has loved being a part of SULTC for the past 7 years as she has found a great community, made lifelong friends and been able to continue playing tennis.